HIMACHAL for a Motorcycle Rider

Himachal Pradesh, a holy place for bikers. I will say after Ladakh, this is the place where you will be able to connect to your soul. It’s like a small Mecca for bikers. And a very unique thing is whenever you visit this place, you will feel like why you could not come here earlier or why you dropped this place from your bucket list. Mountains covered with snow in winters or lushy green valleys during monsoon whatever will be the season, it’s like heaven when you are riding in Himachal. But I want to put very important thing into your notice, as tourism is increasing it is spoiling the beauty because of unnecessary development and waste thrown by tourists.

I would say if you are visiting any place just keep in mind that you want to deliver the same beauty and same freshness to your next generations, think about riding and experiencing the same moments with your kids. If we all remember, Shimla and Manali were top honeymoon destinations earlier. Hardly 10 years later now people want to explore less commercial places. But now it’s like a weekend plan moreover people are polluting the place regardless of keeping it pure and clean. So my dear rider friends just think about next generations whenever you are riding across mountains.
There are so many places to ride in Himachal that even we cannot explain in 10 blogs about the whole state but I will keep it short and simple. It depends on your timeline but always plan for at least a week to visit. I always like to travel off beat and as a biker I expect that a lot of Riders now feel the same. Plan for adventure, peace and freedom. Here are the most adventurous places I would like to show you around to ride.

Barot: A very small place but far from tourists. Specially made by God for riders only. If you got bored of highways in Shimla and Manali and want to get real bliss of riding in mountains then this is the place. Narrow paths with one mountains on one side and river on other side. Beautiful trees all around, what else any biker can expect. You can consider it to dead end as well. There is no connectivity for any place from this. But I am sure you will thank me after visiting it.

Dharamshala: Dalai Lama’s place. If you are interested in Tibetan culture and Buddhism, it’s a must visit place. You will get a chance to visit monasteries, their schools and kids who are very cute. You can also get a chance to volunteer in monasteries.
Khajjar (Mini Switzerland of India): A small town near Dalhousie but a must visit. A perfect getaway from busy cities and more near to nature or I would say heaven. Lushy green patches everywhere with beautiful landscapes. And the place also offers adventure sports like trekking, paragliding etc.

Reckong Peo (Called as Peo also): The land of Gods and mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas. You can witness two greatest wonders of Himalayas i.e. Kailash mountain and Shivalik rock from here. I would recommend to visit temple here and talk to people as well about their rituals. They have some unique rituals about God that you have to offer whatever Pujaris will remand for better health of your family otherwise they will be punished by God.

Manikaran Sahib: Perfect place for pilgrimages. Witness hot springs here. There are three hot springs here out of which one is used for bathing purpose. It is said that the water in these springs can cure many diseases and many spiritual beliefs are connected to this place.

Palampur: A place with full of pine forests and it is very famous for its tea plantations across the world. You can even discover your own treks here and go for it for sure. It’s very near to Bir, a place famous for paragliding. You can even experience paragliding in Bir also don’t forget to bargain for the prices.

Spiti Valley: Well about this place we have a lot to say so you can find details here(link to Spiti blog) in separate blog for it.

Chamba: Listen to Mohit Chauhan’s song for Chamba and you will definitely reach there. The beauty and the booty both are explained in song. The place famous for its kingdoms, hills and flora and fauna. Ride across this place and you will feel as if you were in Heaven.
Season to travel: Every season is best to visit Himachal just take care in Monsoon only for landslides only.

Experience snow preferably November to January
Experience greenery preferably July to September
Experience moderate weather from April to June

Take some time to explore with local people, their culture and food.

Stay: Camping is allowed anywhere apart from any personal property. So go for that. People are so humble that they will help you in anything. Ask for Homestays and we could help with those too.

Food: Try local food in homes and if you could find there is will always be a small Dhabha named “Thakur Da Dhabha”, with a local person cooking very delicious food (veg and nonveg both) at a very reasonable price.

In the end I would like to say explore unexplored villages and unvisited places, travel off the track and you will have different stories to share. Till then ride Hard and Ride safe.

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How many times have you have got Leh’d !!!

How many times have you have got Leh’d. Here’s some information to help you.
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What comes in our mind after hearing this place. Beautiful landscapes, bikes, monasteries, mountains, peace and lot of adventure.

Whenever we see any biker, we have just one question for him/her. When you are going for Ladakh trip? Why we do so? The answer is pretty simple. Ladakh is called Mecca for bikers. Every biker dreams of going there once in their lifetime. And whosoever goes to that place gets so much connected to that place, he/she cannot forget in their whole life.

So what’s exactly there that people are so excited about. I think we already know because there are thousands of blogs regarding bike trip to ladakh. You may easily find the routes to travel, the places to see, where you can stay and eat and lot of things. It doesn’t matter how much you have read about Ladakh you will be gonna have a very different experience. That’s the real beauty of Ladakh. Two people going whether in same group or different group can never have same experience about the place.
So in this blog I will tell you about the routes you can prefer and the places you must see in Ladakh but still I strongly recommend you that don’t follow anyone’s blog strictly. Make your own rules and just go for the journey. Because the real adventure of exploring Ladakh is not going with too much planning and it’s not about Ladakh this rule implies on any bike trip.
First of all you need to understand that Leh and Ladakh are not two different places. Leh is a part of Ladakh. Basically Jammu and Kashmir have three big regions: Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. And in Ladakh there are two big regions: Leh and Kargil.

The best season to travel in Ladakh is June to September. In these months you can easily go for the trip but still there are lot of bikers who travel in odd times to the place just to feel the place in a different way.

Like some celebrate their Christmas or new year there only that means you can still travel in November and December. But you should just ignore the monsoon season only.
The duration of the trip is ideally 12-15 days but I will again recommend you to take at least 3-4 days buffer time because after going there you also don’t know what will you see and may be you will fell so much in love to some place that you will wish to stay there for extra time. So it’s better to have some more hours than a regret for your journey.

From 2014 Indians don’t need any permit to visit Leh but there are some places in Ladakh like Tso Moriri, Merak, Loma, Chushul, Mahe and more for which you need inner line permit for Rs. 200 which can be obtained from Deputy commissioner office opens from 9am to 3pm.

For more information on permit you can visit the below link

Riding Routes:

There are so many people going from Delhi to Ladakh. If you have a bike I will prefer you to go from Delhi only or you can take a bike for rent from Delhi but if you wish to ride a bike in mountains and not on highways then you can prefer renting bike from Manali itself.

So if you are going from Delhi to Ladakh there are two routes which you can prefer.
Delhi -> Manali -> Leh
Delhi -> Srinagar -> Leh

We will again recommend you to take one route each way. Don’t go for the same route both the sides. In that way you will experience different landscapes and adventure.
Delhi → Jalandhar → Jammu → Srinagar → Kargil → Leh → Karu → Sarchu → Manali → Delhi
There are plenty of petrol pumps on the way from Srinagar to Leh but from Manali to Leh they are only two petrol pumps so always carry extra cans of petrol on the way from Manali to Leh.

Acute Mountain Sickness:
Acute Mountain Sickness occurs due to scarcity of oxygen at high altitude, and inability of our bodies to adjust to low oxygen content in air. You will have headache with at least one of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, fatigue or weakness, dizziness or lightheartedness and lack of sleep. So you just need to take precautions.
Don’t stay at high altitude passes for a long time and after reaching Leh take rest for one day so that your body can cope up and adjust with the temperature and environment.

Places to see:

Now this list can be very longer because there are lots of places to see and lots of things to do. It’s always a person’s own preference which place they personally like. Some people like to drive to most difficult terrains and do adventure sports but some people like to visit historical monuments and monasteries only and some people like to explore the culture. I am listing below main tourist attractions below. It’s not mandatory that you must visit all the places because your friends and colleagues went there and clicked the images. You should always create your own bucket list and then checkout the places. So choose your kind of places accordingly.

1. Pangong Tso Lake : The lake is stretched out for 134 kms in Himalayas. We have only one –third part in India and rest of the part is in china. You must have seen this in 3 idiots movie. The lake is so mesmerizing that you will fell in love with its nature and beauty.

2. Manjyal Tsemo Gompa / Monastery: It is very famous monastery in heart of Leh.

3. Zanskar Valley: Those who want to experience the adventure of riding that is the place you must visit. The beauty of this valley is so charming that you will never forget.

4. Nubra Valley: The journey to Nubra valley is claimed to be the world’s highest motorable road. The road officially crosses the Khardunga La Pass(18379 ft). There are lot of things to do here like Camel ride, hiking and walking on the dunes.

5. Royal Leh Palace: It is the 17th century royal leh palace built at a height of 9 stories.

6. Magnetic hill: It is located 30kms from Leh city. There’s a very famous mystery about this place that there’s some magnetic field that pulls you upwards but I just want to make it clear that its just a optical illusion. Actually you are going downwards and it seems you like you are going upwards to the mountain. Take my suggestion and try it with a water bottle pouring on the road.

7. Drass Valley: Situated in Kargil district, It is the second most coldest inhabited region in the world. The temperature here can drop as low as -45 degree Celsius in winters.

8. White water rafting: Rafting expedition is done on Zanskar river. You can choose the rapids as there are four level from I to IV. It is available from June to August. The same river in winters turns to ice blanket and called as Chadar trek. You can also explore Zanskar valley too.

Now apart from the above places there are lot of things to do, lot of places to see and lot of nature to explore. I will suggest take some time to explore the local city and culture. Meet with people and try their dishes and get to know with them. They are so humble and nice that you will be overwhelmed. All the best for your ladakh trip.

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Stay adventurous and stay alive.


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